Fully Parallel Sketches for Time Series Indexing in Massively Distributed Environments.


F-RadiusSketch works with Apache Spark. In order to run F-RadiusSketch and RadiusSketch you must download and install Apache Spark 1.6.2


The code is written in Java and We use maven to build it, Use the given pom.xml file to build an executable jar containing all the dependencies. Usage

 for F-ParSketch use FParSketch class :
$SPARK_HOME/bin/spark-submit --class fr.inria.parallelSketchApproach.FParSketch  --master $MASTER ParallelSketchApproach-0.jar  <inputDataSetFile> <inputQueryFile> <outputFiles> [<configFile>]
 for ParSketch use ParSketch class :
$SPARK_HOME/bin/spark-submit --class fr.inria.parallelSketchApproach.ParSketch  --master $MASTER ParallelSketchApproach-0.jar  <inputDataSetFile> <inputQueryFile> <outputFiles> [<configFile>]